Big hardware order from American engineering contractor

The customer of Bathroom accessories from United States Reading Big hardware order from American engineering contractor 2 minutes

Ken (Boss) and Shuyi with engineer Jerzy visited us on 17th Dec, 2016 and ordered many kinds of products.






They are buying for different projects and need handles, door stoppers and different bathroom accessories etc.


They ordered from us right after the visiting. Then why did they are so attractive by our products?

1. Our low MOQ, they are engineering contractor so need various products with low quantity. 

2. We have a wide range of hardware that can meet their demand, such as door handles, door bolts, door stoppers, bathroom accessories etc.

3. Our quality surprised them. (Their engineer is very professional in furniture hardware. After checking our products, he said "Perfect! Perfect!  Perfect ! " )

4. We can supply free samples for their testing. 

5. We have comfortable and fluent communication with each other. 

They like our display method of the goods and hope can make their sample room same as ours.

Ken, Shuyi and Jerzy were very interested in the following modern door stoppers:



After this sweet visiting, Ken, Shuyi and Jerzy are very impressed in our company and decide to order from us for their projects from now on.

Now we keep contacting with each other and looking forward to further cooperation in near future.

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