Glass Standoffs Double Caps Sales Well

Glass Standoffs Double Caps Sales Well

Ecuador importer ordered many hardwares from Yumore Reading Glass Standoffs Double Caps Sales Well 1 minute Next Customer from India

Glass Standoffs Double Caps Sales Well

Our Glass Standoffs are sales well and wonderful quality.

Stainless Steel Standoff are used to protrude Glass, Mirrors, Signs, or any other objects out from a wall or table. 
Yumore standoffs performs with distinction in: Corporate Lobbies, Professional Buildings, Retail Stores, 
Shopping Centers, Museums, Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Showrooms, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Libraries, 
Schools, Universities, Colleges, Real Estate Offices, Yacht Brokerages, Optometry Offices, Medical Offices etc.

glass standoffs details



We have new Client from England,His products are not same as us.

One day, we accidentally to have this customer, he was looking for something can fix glass.
He said:"I need a thread put in the exit hole, the wall mount side can you do that?"
Also sent a picture to us.
We recommend a selling products ---- Double ad nail.

double caps of glass standoffs
I took a picture to him,he happy to said to me:"yes,Perfect!"
And then he ordered about 10,000 pcs ,his payment is very fast.
When the goods received,the customer use glass standoffs immediately,and give us good feedback.



Glass Standoffs have more applications

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