Yumore glass clamps used on Italian glass laundry room project

Yumore glass clamps used on Italian glass laundry room project

What is a glass clamp? Where do we use them?


Let's see an idea from Mrs. Marchese, who is from a society of builder in Roma, Italy.

They are building some glass boxes for laundry lately. And Mrs. Marchese saw Yumore glass clamps item #13038 as below:




It is 90 degree, glass to wall glass clamp. 304#SUS. There are 201#SUS and 304#SUS on the market. 

304#SUS is more rust-proof than 201#SUS. More suitable for luandry room, so we suggested Mrs. Marchese the 304#SUS. 



See how Mrs. Marchese used our #13038 glass clamp. This is an external glass box to put in launtry machine and other things.

2 pieces glass clamps were used in a glass box to stand and hold. The quality of the clamps ensured their steadiness and lifespan. 

glass hinge application




Except 90 degree glass clamp, there are still 135 degree and 180 degree glass clamps to be used in daily life. Nowadays people are searching higher standard of living, therefore we are focus on product quality and supplying high-end products to help them reach their requirement.


3 models



If you are also happened to need glass clamps for your glass products, do not hesitate to contact and ask for catalog. :)





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