304 material towel rack quality is more appropriate on the bathroom

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Bathroom towel rack

Bathroom towel rack material generally has the following materials: copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy and aluminum material. General copper, zinc alloy and aluminum bathroom bathroom towel rack to the outer plating, plating effect is good, with the care, but also very practical. But a lot of electroplating manufacturers in the electroplating layer cut corners. Not the plating process is less that the layer is very thin, so, it is easy to fall off. Like copper bathroom towel rack than the stainless steel material more expensive, but still to plating, if the protection is not good, will give birth to green rust, resulting in unsightly.

My proposal is still a 304 stainless steel bathroom towel rack, there will be no surface off the phenomenon, and environmental protection, cleaning time is very easy (must pay attention to regular cleaning). This can achieve the effect of once and for all. The price is cheaper than the copper material, than the zinc alloy and aluminum material is more expensive.

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