A brief introduction to the correct way of cleaning the bathroom towel rack

1, swab with water bath towel rack and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry, do not use any detergent has abrade effect, cloth or paper towel, and any detergent containing acid, the content such as polishing abrasive detergent or soap wipe the surface of the bathroom towel rack.


2, due to the usual use of all kinds of sperm washing, shower gel, and other long-term survival in chrome plated surface degradation will make bathroom towel rack surface luster and directly affect the surface quality.Please use soft cloth to clean once a week at least surface of bath towel rack, it is best to use a neutral detergent.

3, can be used with toothpaste and soap cotton wet dishcloth, wipe gently, then clean with clear water.

4, can be used in a decontamination ability of wax, besmear is on clean white cotton cloth, to thoroughly clean the whole products, cycles are usually for 3 months, which can prolong the life of the bathroom towel rack.Remember, after each cleaning must be used to dry the water stains, dirt or hang surface may appear watermarks.

5, for difficult to remove dirties, surface scale membrane and stains, etc., please use a mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning fluid or excluding effect of polishing liquid and cleaning, and then use water to clean the bathroom towel rack and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry.

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