Bathroom towel rack is how to evolve, and after what kind of development

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When you get up every morning and clean with a poisoned towel, will you think about the history of this bathroom towel rack from the time of the development of the bamboo pole to the present electric insulated towel rack? Now on the market this disinfection of the bathroom towel rack for everyone in life has brought a very large convenience, but also the development of the bathroom towel rack of innovation, who would think, from the earliest bamboo or a branch can be evolved to Now can disinfect and can be dried and heated disinfection of the bathroom towel rack it

A new product is the emergence of people to solve the problem on the basis of the establishment, there is a need to promote the progress of the market. From the moment people living essential household appliances, such as washing machines, water heaters and the like, almost became essential to every family. From the beginning we used washing clothes to wash clothes, to now fully automatic washing machine, to help people reduce the burden of housework. At the same time also washing machine from a come out is not immutable, according to the requirements of consumers to improve the washing machine is also constantly improving.

Then I talk about the origin of the bathroom towel rack. Towel rack is the emergence of the towel with the placement of the existence, from the beginning, people's production capacity is not high, only from the most primitive materials, like branches, bamboo pole and the like, towel rack at that time only Hanging position. When people's pursuit of beauty, wooden furniture, furniture also appeared, including a towel rack. But as time goes on, the wooden bathroom towel rack save time is not long, easy to break, wet towel put a long time, wooden towel rack will be bad, moldy, this time wooden towel rack has been unable to meet people's needs. Fortunately, at this time, the development of industry, this time has been in the industrial era.

A child may also have seen a wire hanging on a few towels, poor conditions of the little partner home should be. Slowly, simply because the wire will rust, it will be replaced by stainless steel towel rack, or towel hook. Very convenient and practical does not account for space. With the advent of the plastic age, plastic products in the use of people living more and more, towel hook is no exception, now a small partner home bathroom can be seen everywhere.

As mentioned above, towel rack just as a simple hanging function, maybe some small friends at home is also using a kind of electric towel rack it The emergence of electric towel rack to solve the problem of dry towels for a long time, especially in winter, especially in the north of the winter, towels for a long time dry is really a very painful thing, how to use the cold winter towel rack how worried Things ah The appearance of the electric towel rack just solved the problem of the wet towel.

Although the electric towel rack to solve the problem of wet towels, but the new problem has emerged, electric towel power is very high, it is likely to cause short-circuit lead to fire, the risk factor is high, and can only be used as heating. But now people's living standards are getting higher and higher, the beauty of skin care and health requirements are getting higher and higher, towels do not easily dry in the wet environment of bacteria, causing skin allergies, long acne, acne, pores Rough question.

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