Bathroom towel rack material

Bathroom towel rack is commonly used in life bathroom accessories, so the quality of towel rack is very important. Quality depends on 2 points: 1, depending on the material nature, 2, is the surface processing technology. 
The following mainly describes several:
1, "copper" basically the use of brass, and the surface of chrome plating, the treatment is good, can reach the mirror, coupled with the price of copper, there will be noble feeling, if not electroplating, the surface is very easy to live green, Can not be used, such a plating layer compared to the iron surface processing on a layer of "paint" to be much more reliable, but also depends on the plating process, otherwise there is no use for several years the surface will be raw copper green situation. As the sanitary ware products commonly used "stainless steel" material prices are much lower than the copper material, some manufacturers according to the proportion of stainless steel and copper almost, the magnet can not afford to suck the characteristics of the stainless steel material after electroplating after the fake said "copper" However, although the cost of stainless steel plating is not cheap, but the overall cheaper.
2, on the "aluminum", because the "pure aluminum" steel strength can not meet the requirements and easy to oxidize the surface can not be used, the general use of anti-rust aluminum group or hard aluminum group, but unlikely Is the use of the so-called aluminum alloy materials with the same space, "aluminum" material through the surface oxygen oxidation treatment of the surface, than the surface treatment has not been much more stable, there are a variety of surface treatment processing results, mainly two Kind: a surface looks bright, one is the surface looks like matt, the former surface layer is thin but hard, not easy to scratch. The latter is better than a layer of coating layer, although thick but will be prone to scratches, the latter surface can be processed into a variety of colors, beautiful to be better, but also considered the advantages of it.

3, compared to the nature of stainless steel is not easy to rust (in fact rust is an oxidation process) to ensure its most stable, so the most commonly used, "stainless steel" only need a direct surface polishing or drawing, No other changes in the surface material, or additional coating, but according to the different grades, there are some differences in stability, known as 304 more than 201 to better. The surface after polishing, good material, good processing technology can reach the mirror, but worse than the copper plating.

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