How to buy bathroom towel rack?

Bathroom is the most important place for moisture at home, the configuration in the bathroom should be carefully chosen. Bathroom towel rack is a common hardware accessories in the bathroom, but its price is relatively cheap, did not cause too much attention. Some people will choose the bathroom towel rack, but the ordinary material of the towel rack will be easy to deformation or broken, which gave the future life caused trouble. Bathroom towel rack to choose, these points come to see.

Collection of bathroom towel rack to choose these points in mind


A: bathroom towel rack by material selection:
1, zinc alloy material: as early in the city of materials appear in the lock hardware, because the material can do more in color, a variety of styles, and styles have more choices to win a wide range of markets, the biggest weakness is : Material is more brittle, a long time will be a little rust.
Collection of bathroom towel rack to choose these points in mind
2, stainless steel Material: as the older generation of the preferred material, because many types of stainless steel, low-grade stainless steel is rusty, but now the development of science and technology can be done to the degree of fake, to choose more than 304 material is very difficult , And expensive. Because the stainless steel material is hard, so the style is not much, the general stainless steel products are surface drawing.
3, copper material: as the oldest brother of the earliest materials, the biggest advantage of copper is the stability of strong, high density, weight, after polishing does not peel off, do not fade. With the rising raw material market, the price is high. And the copper for a long time on the wet place will be long "green".
4, plastic material: plastic affordable, but the quality is general.
5, copper chrome material: In order to prevent copper and oxygen contact, in its surface coated with a layer of metal chromium, chromium stability is very good, and wear, but also show bright color, very beautiful.

6, space aluminum: aluminum sanitary ware used in the current aluminum is only aluminum alloy materials, and aerospace equipment used in a very different, just a lot of price difference. Pure aluminum products hardness is poor, and will be black, but after oxidation of alumina products, hardness has been greatly improved, it will not be black, good wear resistance, alumina products will not rust.


B: bathroom towel rack by accessories:
As the bathroom humidity and temperature difference is large, ordinary screws in this condition is easy to rust, towel rack should use stainless steel screws to achieve moisture and oxidation purposes. Copper is a common towel rack base material, according to different materials can be divided into 59 copper (copper unit content is 59%) and 62 copper (copper unit content is 62%) two, such as the content of less than 59 copper , Is not in line with national standards. Welding is also easy to overlook a detail, the weld seam needs to be polished, otherwise the protruding weld seam not only affect the appearance, but also for everyone in the use of inconvenience. The general method of identification is: in the light, the towel bar tilted, you can better observe the surface of the plating layer of gloss; optional towel rack, you can open the towel bar seal, observe whether there is a filler inside; You can also use scissors to cut the inner wall of the towel bar to identify the material

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