How to Construct Reliable Shelf Brackets?

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No matter where you need to create some space, you’ll be able to find a style of practical shelf brackets that will suit the wall. When fitted properly, shelf brackets are secure and can bear heavy loads.


Step 1 - Measuring Up

When measuring where you want to construct the shelf, make sure there will be no obstructions. Ensure doors and window openings are clear. How long and wide the shelf can be will depend on how much storage space you need.


Step 2 - Choosing the Right Brackets

Iron brackets are strong, but they are heavy.  lain styles are practical and economical. Decorative brackets are very popular.


When choosing metal shelf brackets it is important to consider the wall to which they will be fitted. Fitting large heavy brackets onto a hollow stud wall or cinderblock is not impossible, but it can create difficulties. Keeping things as simple as possible is the best course of action.


You will need 1 bracket for around every 30 inches of shelving. The bracket should not be any less that 2 inches smaller than the width of the shelf.   


Step 3 - Hardware

Screws must fit securely. Less than 1 inch is not secure. Also, it should fit snugly into the hole on the bracket.


For large shelves, or shelves that will bear a heavy load, use screws that are at least 1¼ inches. For hollow walls, use gripper plugs. For cinderblock walls, use a wider raw plug to add extra grip.  


Step 4 - Drilling

With a carpenter's pencil or grease pen, mark where you intend to place the shelf. Use a spirit level!


Place one bracket between 4 and 8 inches away from each end, depending on how long the shelf is. Ensure the top of the bracket touches the line equally to ensure that it is level. Mark the position through the bracket holes.


Repeat this for each shelf bracket you are mounting  The hole you drill should be large enough to accommodate the raw plugn without it being loose.


Step 5 - Mounting the Shelf Brackets

Screw the shelf brackets onto the wall, starting from the bottom. Leave the screws loose.


Next, work the two top screws in simultaneously. This allows for better positioning. When everything looks set, tighten all the screws.


When fixing the shelf, make sure it goes as flush with the wall as possible. If the walls are uneven, ensure it is flush in the center.

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