Just enjoy ourselves in Qingyuan - Yumore July journey 

April 01, 2019

 Just enjoy ourselves  in  Qingyuan - Yumore July  Journey 

Yumore had a very meaningful team travelling on 1st-3rd July.

Our activities were rich and exciting, everyone were happy and got a lot!
1.We can fully relax;
2.Enhance team cohesion

3.Summarizing past work

4.Plan our future work and goals.


1st day,Exciting and thrilling drifting & team activity



2nd day,BBQ by the riverside.
we enjoyed the delicious food and the beauty of nature



3rd day,visiting the ancient Yao nationality,we experienced the local customs 56

Yumore is a vibrant,passionate,professional and responsible young team .we cooperate,communicate and get along with each other well.As we know:one can run fast, a team can go far, we can be better with our team.



We sincerely appreciate our customers,our team and our family.

Yumore aims at being the TOP 3 in the industry and the most happiness company.


If we can meet our 2018 sales targets ahead on Oct,we will have another 5 days travelling ,which will be more wonderful.
Thanks for your support!
Yumore,make your life simple!



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