The Information You Don’t Know About Selecting and Installing Iron Brackets

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When many people think of brackets they usually envision unattractive industrial styled pieces of angled metal that support shelving in closets and garages. While those types of brackets still have their place there is also a wonderful assortment of architecturally inspired Iron shelf brackets that can be used for shelving support and so much more.

Smaller brackets are great for minimal overhangs of 4-6 inches and also have a variety of ornamental applications. Customers have used these brackets for corner decoration, bookends, and for mounting small signs.


Medium to Large brackets are used to support countertop overhangs, work especially well for building shelves. This size bracket also works well in other applications such as supporting mailboxes or fireplace mantles, and are just as popular used in purely decorative applications.


Corner brackets offer a unique way to give an ordinary doorway or window an extraordinary new look. Just mount a set of two ornate brackets in the corners of an opening to distinctively decorate a doorway or embellish an entrance. Sets of corner brackets can also be attached to posts to add an element of architectural detail on your front or screened-in porch. Our brackets are available in styles ranging in design from traditional to rustic so there is sure to be something to blend with your application.


  Wrought iron shelf brackets make eye-catching, inexpensive home accents that provide a striking alternative to more traditional shelving. Bracket supported shelves can be used throughout your home. Whether placed above a kitchen or living room window and lined with plants or staggered along a wall to display books and artwork, our shelf brackets come in a variety sizes and styles that will add a tasteful yet functional accent to your project.

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