The Second Training of YUMORE

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All employees of Yumore go out for training.

Our company leading us into such a loving learning environment.

1. The essence of communication is listening, listening to the state of being free of me, and then repeatedly confirming whether the one heard is the other party's expression, and the expressor should simply and accurately confirm. In the future communication, we will seriously train and implement to make communication more efficient.

2. In the work and life to improve their participation, the ability to love, let yourself become the conductor of love. Pay attention to others with your heart.

3. Deeply realize that the guidance that belief brings to people is very powerful. At the same time, the company's cultural philosophy is to support the most direct role of the conviction. And should believe with the company and you can do anything you want to do in the future.

4. Recognize that sale is very important that everyone should learn. Because selling yourselves is also a capability. The process of sales happens all the time in our lives. We should learn it well even if we are not in this position. Different professions can feel and learn, so we can understand and support them.

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