Choose the bathroom towel rack of the four major skills

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Skill 1 selection material


Distinguish the bathroom towel rack material: expert reminder: to distinguish the bathroom towel frame material, the business generally do not allow customers to cut in their surface, so as not to affect the sale of the product. At this point, you can choose the base of the towel rack or towel bar to cut the inner wall, so that both the test results without affecting the appearance of the product.

Skill 2 look at the surface

Electroplating treatment is stress. As the bathroom environment is damp, the surface of the bathroom towel rack must be electroplated. At present, there are three kinds of chrome plating, gold plating and drawing, etc., which is the most widely used chrome. Before the plating, the bathroom towel rack to be polished, surface decontamination and other treatment, in order to ensure the stability of the plating layer adsorption. Coating thickness is generally calculated in microns, by the human eye can not judge, but through the gloss and flatness to distinguish the merits of the product.

Experts advise: the purchase of bathroom towel rack, can be in the light or light environment to observe the surface coating to determine its gloss; Moreover, the fingertips can be used to touch the bathroom towel rack surface, feel the smoothness and whether there is foreign body convex From. Smooth, smooth product quality is better. Under the light, put the towel bar tilted, you can better observe the surface of the plating layer of gloss.

Skill 3 weigh weight

Not the heavier the better, no matter what kind of material used bathroom towel rack, the rod is hollow. Experts advise: buy, you can open the towel bar seal, observe the internal situation, the general closure of the towel bar closer. Consumers can also weigh by hand, estimate the weight of the bathroom towel rack. If the towel rack feel more heavy, and the price is relatively cheap, consumers should stay in mind. When you buy a bathroom towel rack, you can open the towel bar to see if there is a filler inside.

Skill 4 pick accessories

As the bathroom humidity and temperature difference is large, ordinary screws in this condition is easy to rust, bathroom towel rack should use stainless steel screws to achieve moisture and anti-oxidation purposes. Copper is a common bathroom towel rack base material, according to different materials can be divided into 59 copper (copper unit content is 59%) and 62 copper (copper unit content is 62%) two, such as the content of less than 59 Copper, is not in line with national standards. Welding is also easy to ignore a detail of the consumer, the need to go through the polishing seam, or protruding weld joints not only affect the appearance, but also to the consumer in the use of inconvenience. When purchasing, the consumer should not take the light on the details of the above, should observe whether the towel rack after polishing processing, check the distribution of screw accessories is not rusty.