Bathroom stainless steel towel rack or by quality to win

Today's bathroom accessories including mirror, soap, stainless steel bathroom towel rack, toilet paper holder, hook, etc.The choose and buy high quality and durable bathroom hardware pendant, not only should pay attention to the brand, should also pay attention to form a complete set, material and coating.

First of all, watch. Three sanitary ware that defends bath in the bathroom of location, the largest stainless steel bathroom towel rack, the choose and buy must consider whether these accessories and already bought sanitary ware.
Second, see material pledge.Now the market of stainless steel bathroom towel rack material about the titanium alloy, stainless steel, copper and chromium plating chromium, aluminum alloy, plastic plating chromium, iron chromium plating and so on.The best quality of titanium alloy series of these materials, plastic product quality is the worst, pure copper products to prevent oxidation, stainless steel chrome plated price cheap, but time is shorter.
Once again, see the coating. A good stainless steel bathroom towel rack coating pitch-black shine, there is a feeling of moist, while inferior coating tarnish. The good coating is smooth and the inferior coating that he will have a wavy surface of ups and downs. Surface and sag is an inferior product.
The bathroom towel rack to choose what size?
The bathroom towel rack size generally 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, etc. But because of the different size of the toilet, so friends when the choose and buy, can choose according to the size of their home toilet, towel rack of the corresponding size.

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