Bathroom towel rack Do you really understand it?

Bathroom towel rack is a humble shelf, when you really use the time, you will not think it is inconspicuous, bathroom towel rack as an indispensable inside the bathroom "weapons", then tell you about it

Bathroom towel rack

Bathroom towel rack installed

Towel rack (including towel ring, towel bar, towel rack, etc.) installation size (height) generally asked as follows: towel ring height 900-1400mm; towel bar height 1100-1200mm; (double towel rack: In the central part of the toilet on the open walls.

Towel racks can be used plastic expansion tube plus copper screws to install, a tile tile is small, easy to operate, two will not rust, easy maintenance.
The color of the towel rack should match the faucet, the mirror (such as the makeup mirror). If the trim on the faucet is silver and white, the trim of the towel rack is silver or white, With gold trim, otherwise it will make people feel very uncoordinated.

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