The wide use of toilet paper racks

        Toilet paper rack is our life in the common bathroom supplies, generally placed in various places of the bathroom. Is the essential items in life, but also an important member of life in bathroom supplies.

stainless toilet roll holder

        Now on the market a wide range of toilet paper rack, can be divided into two categories: one is made of plastic, one is made of alloy or stainless steel. Alloy will rust, plastic deformation. So the stainless steel toilet paper rack has become the best-selling paper tray on the market today.

       The toilet paper rack is widely used in hotels, hospitals and other places, simple luxury design, fashion, noble, generous; reasonable structure, strong, with or without locking design, to prevent damage; keep toilet paper clean, Health image; installation and replacement is simple and convenient.

      Stainless steel toilet paper frame simple and generous, stainless steel material gives a noble and elegant feeling, coupled with clever appearance design, even more extraordinary. Favored by the majority of buyers, has become the major star hotel one of the indispensable bathroom supplies.

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