Bathroom towel rack mounting height

Bathroom towel racks we will contact every day, whether it is up in the morning or wash the bath at night will be used, then the bathroom towel rack how reasonable placement?
Bathroom towel rack is now we have a lot of family in the decoration of the bathroom will be used when the design, bathroom towel rack, let us in the towel and so on are very convenient. But do not understand the decoration of the friends, for the height of the bathroom towel how to arrange may not understand a lot of bathroom towel rack height of a reasonable placement, can give us a great convenience of daily life, we have a simple understanding of the next bathroom Towel rack placement information.
Towel ring from the ground high 900-1400mm;
Towel bar from the ground height 1100-1200mm;
Single towel rack from the ground about 1.5 meters;
The distance between the bottom of the towel frame base and the sink table is 55 cm;
Bath towel rack installed in the top of the bathtub, usually in the faucet opposite, from the ground high 1600mm;
More Toilet towel racks Installation height information:
(1) the general towel rack installed with a standard height, but many home design towel rack height can be based on their actual needs to be set;
(2) It is recommended that the towel rack be installed on the open wall in the central part of the bathroom;
Sanitary ware products towel rack commonly used materials are mainly stainless steel, copper, there are also aluminum (aluminum), iron, zinc, plastic, etc., a variety of materials are divided into many series, if necessary, in the "practical hardware manual" to understand. In contrast, the above materials in the stainless steel steel strength is better.
(3) There are many types of towel racks, special file rack installation height may also be different;

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