Buy bathroom towel rack should pay attention to three points

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Bathroom towel rack is a common bathroom accessories in daily life, there are many kinds of materials, a variety of materials, the quality and price are not the same, then how do we choose the bathroom towel rack? Here we have a simple analysis

First, according to the bathroom towel rack moisture resistance options. As the bathroom environment is humid, so the towel rack moisture resistance and corrosion resistance is particularly important. When we are in the purchase, to fully consider the towel hanging material, thus making a choice.

Bathroom towel rack

Recommended towels for several materials
Second, before installation, you can use one hand to pinch the end of the towel rack, the other hand from one to the other wiped it again, the quality will touch the small burr, and even peeling off the paint. These ills, by the naked eye is difficult to find. Also pay attention to the shelf base of the plating and coating quality. Both the angle of view and the incident light are about 70 ° relative to be relatively easy to detect whether the defect.
Third, from the quality of choice, the best copper towel rack, followed by aluminum towel rack; again stainless steel towel rack, and finally the zinc alloy towel rack. Different material prices are not the same, according to their own economic ability to buy.
Copper chrome towel rack, copper "rust" is green, that is, people often say "green". "Copper Green" is copper and oxygen produced by the chemical reaction of copper oxide. In order to prevent copper and oxygen contact, so in its surface coated with a layer of metal chromium, chromium stability is very good, and wear, but also showing bright light, very beautiful. After the copper towel rack after plating can not and air contact will not long "green". Alumina towel rack pure aluminum products hardness is poor. Stainless steel towel rack low-grade stainless steel is rusty, the higher the chromium content of stainless steel is not easy to rust, 304 stainless steel containing 16% chromium, good stability, corrosion resistance, even if long-term placed in a humid environment It will not rust.
Yumore specializing in the production of 304 stainless steel bathroom towel rack, the products are exported to Germany, Britain, the United States, Canada and other countries. To the quality and service to win a consistent praise.

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