Bathroom towel rack style a lot

March 28, 2019

In the market need to add personalized, and now the bathroom towel rack style more and more diversified in color also presents a lot of technology. Golden space aluminum and gold full of copper towel rack we have seen, as well as antique, old, drawing, paint and other technologies. The following are the same as the "Bathroom towel rack
As mentioned earlier, now the price of aluminum is the highest, in general, the longest life of aluminum, especially in a kind of appearance of the paint technology of aluminum aluminum bathroom towel rack is the most commonly used, paint technology is similar to the present Private car appearance of the same paint, with a strong maintenance effect, and make the goods look smooth, easy to stick to dirty things, easy to care.
A method of discriminating the towel frame coating
1, a good coating is very flat, and the residual coating carefully look will find the appearance of a wave-like rugged. Some residual goods appearance and even depression and other conditions presented.
2, a good coating more wear-resistant, carefully observe the business out of the sample, the same daily scrub, good product appearance is basically not be worn.
3, a good coating fine shiny, there is a sense of moisturizing, and the residual coating is shiny dim

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