Bathroom towel rack to buy size

March 28, 2019

Bathroom towel rack is composed of two bearings supporting one or more rails, and some can be folded, generally installed in the bathroom wall, for placing clothes, hanging towel towels. From the material on the division, generally divided into: copper towel rack, stainless steel towel rack, aluminum towel rack, zinc alloy towel rack. According to the structure can be divided into: single and double. According to the shape can be divided into: towel rack, towel bar, towel ring and so on. Which to the number of aluminum towel rack the most cost-effective, and its surface can be produced into a variety of effects to meet the personalized needs of modern home decoration, so in recent years began to dominate the market.

bathroom towel rack

Bathroom towel rack size generally 50CM, 60CM, 70CM, 80CM and so on. Because the size of the bathroom is not the same, so we buy, you can according to the size of their own toilet to choose the appropriate size of the towel rack.

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