Clean bathroom towel rack is conducive to good health

Bathroom towel rack all day by water and a variety of dirt, cleaning supplies baptism, very prone to chemical changes, so in the maintenance of the time to pay special attention. The following maintenance methods can help you effectively maintain the bathroom towel rack, so that your bathroom towel rack life will not be shortened due to the above reasons: bathroom towel rack maintenance

Bathroom towel rack

1, we have to develop the habit of opening the door often, so that not only can keep the bathroom air flow, but also help the family's health, more absorption of some fresh air.
2, bathroom towel rack surface should always use soft cotton and water to ensure that the bright shiny, absolutely can not use corrosive acid and alkali solution, but also try not to use detergent cleaning.
3, usually if we want to decorate, then do not let the paint stained bathroom towel rack above, because the paint on the bathroom towel rack surface of the coating has a great corrosive effect. Now there are many recipes on the market frequently change the cleaning agent, it is recommended that you do not buy, they may also cause serious damage to the towel rack. Many bleach, detergent, vinegar which contains a lot of acidic substances, there is a strong corrosive effect, it is recommended not to use.
Towel rack clean
1, wipe the bathroom towel rack with water and wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth. Do not wipe the towel rack with any abrasive cleaning agent, cloth or paper towel, and any acid detergent, polish abrasive or detergent or soap. surface.
2, due to the usual use of a variety of cleansing, shower gel and other long-term residual in the chrome surface will make the bathroom towel frame surface gloss and degrade and directly affect the surface quality. Please clean the bathroom towel frame surface with a soft cloth at least once a week. It is best to use a neutral detergent.
3, for difficult to remove the stubborn dirt, surface scale film and stains, etc., please use a mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning fluid or no wear and tear of the role of cleaning liquid cleaning, and then wash the bathroom towel rack And wipe with a soft cotton cloth.
4, can be coated with toothpaste and soap cotton wet wipes, gently wipe, and then washed with water on it.
5, you can use a strong decontamination ability of wax oil, painted on a clean white cotton cloth, the whole product thoroughly cleaned, the cycle is generally 3 months, so that can extend the life of long towel rack bathroom. Remember that every clean finish, be sure to use the water to dry, or pendant surface may appear stains dirt.

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